Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.

Wild Scottish Wood Pigeon Meat

Wild Scottish Wood Pigeon Meat
Our Wood Pigeon are wild and we only sell the top quality birds - which is why Exotic Meat Market is the first choice Game supplier to America's top restaurants.

Pigeon is deep crimson in color, and has a great depth of flavor too. It's wonderful to serve with sauce or in pies and has a rich taste that's great on a cold winter's day. As with many of our wild species, pigeons should be eaten pink to enjoy the fullest flavor.

Wood Pigeon are available all year. They are the largest Pigeon available, and they have a good gamy flavor. One frozen bird provided, tied and ready to roast. Minimum weight 8 oz. Serves 1

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