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Coyote Meat

Coyote Meat

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Exotic Meat Market Offers Wild Coyote Meat legally trapped here in the USA during the trapping season. Coyotes are trapped for their fur and Coyote meat is by-product of our trapper.

Our Trapper works for Wildlife Enforcement department personally, so he understands the law LOUD and CLEAR. If you have any questions related to our Coyote Meat, please contact us by e-mail at exoticmeatmarketinc@aol.com and we will provide you information in writing. City, County, State and Federal agencies are welcome to come in person to verify our source of meats in person without giving us prior notice.

Coyote Stew Meat - 16 Ozs.
Regular price: $59.99
Sale price: $49.99
Coyote Stew Meat - 16 Ozs. COYOTE16
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